Team Training Information

Westminster Warriors Team Training Information  


Training for all teams occurs one day per week. Training is not allowed in Field 1 at any time.  

Groups aged:  

  •  Under 6 – Under 8 allocated 60 minute training session typically between 4:00pm and 6:00pm;  
  •  Under 9 – Under 15/16 allocated 60 – 90 minute training session, typically between 5:00pm and 7:30pm, depending on field availability;  
  •  Under 17/18 - Senior teams (Ladies, Men’s, Over 30′s & Over 40′s) allocated 90 minute – 2hour training sessions typically from 6.30pm (or 7:00pm) onwards and once again, depending on field availability.

Once all teams have been allocated a training time slot and the fixture season is underway, teams may apply for a second training time if there are training time slots available.  


Player’s coach or manager will advise the training day and time, perhaps on consultation with the members and parents of the team to work out a suitable day and time that suits the majority.  


Please ensure that players arrive on time, are wearing suitable training gear, wear their boots, shin pads and have a water bottle.  If players are unable to make training, please contact your coach or manager as soon as possible as most coaches have set a training schedule based on team numbers.  Training is also used to teach players new skills, practice techniques and tactics, often culminating in a practice match.  

At training

  • Be punctual when arriving and returning to collect your child;
  • Endure that the player is properly dressed for play and wearing boots and shin pads;
  • Appropriate clothing (training shirt) for hot and cold weather should be worn and should be marked with the child's name.  

    Senior and Overage players are expected to be a role model for our junior players, and therefore, are also expected to abide by all Club Behaviour requirements.  

    Code of Behaviour for Players