Volunteer Incentives/Family Levy Program Information



Westminster Warriors Volunteer Incentives/Family Levy Program

The compulsory volunteer levy of $50 per family is now part of your fees.  This is fully refundable when 4 hours of ‘assistance’ has been given to the club throughout the season. 

Families with more than one player registering will get a $60 reduction off their fees, for each additional player, after the first (youngest).  This will ensure that only 1 player per family pays the volunteer levy in their fees. *This does not apply to Tiny Tot registration fees.  

Westminster Warriors members enjoy the use of wonderful facilities.  To be able to keep, maintain and upgrade these facilities, we rely on the income we generate from the events we hold throughout the year, as well as the week to week running of the canteen.  

The 4 hours can be credited in some of the following ways, for example:  

ü  Participating in any working bees that are held throughout the year;  
ü  Assisting in the canteen on a Saturday;  
ü  Setting up and packing up of events if held at our club fields, such as State Titles in June, Grand Finals in September, or any other sporting/social events that may be held at our fields throughout the season.  
“Your Club” cannot run with 1-2 committee members running the canteen every week for at least 22 weeks of the year.  If you wish to be able to utilise the canteen facilities, then we need your assistance to keep it operating.  We hope that you feel this involvement in “your club” is not a burden but becomes mandatory as we try to improve the facilities that “your club” can offer to all those involved in playing the sport our children love.  If this does not happen, the canteen will not open.   

We emphasise the importance of member’s assistance to help us run a successful club.  Without member’s assistance, the Committee simply cannot keep running peak events and the canteen successfully.  

The $50 will be refunded to your family at the completion of your 4 hours volunteering, per season.  To enable us to keep a track of the hours worked towards the levy refund, please remember to sign in and out in a log book provided in the canteen.  

Please also note, the $50 volunteer levy is to be paid by all families, even those who have a coach/manager in the club.  At the completion of the season, coaches/managers will receive their $50 refund.  

Refunds for the working bee/family levy will be available for collection at Presentation Day at the end of the season.  It is an individual’s responsibility to contact the Treasurer prior to Presentation Day if they cannot attend in order to receive their refund.  Any requests to be refunded after this date will not be granted as club financial records must be finalised at this time in preparation for the new season.  Your understanding on this matter is appreciated.